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The Gypsy and the Gentleman

The Gypsy and the Gentleman
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Greek actress Melina Mercouri made her English-language film debut in The Gypsy and the Gentleman. Mercouri plays tempestuous gypsy girl Belle, while the "gentleman" is Sir Paul Deverill (Keith Michell). Escaping an arranged marriage, Sir Paul weds the bewitching Belle,who intends to take him for every penny he's got, then move on to other lovers. Imagine her disappointment when she discovers that her prize catch is flat broke. All sorts of bizarre complications ensue, including the kidnapping of an heiress (June Laverick) by Belle's gypsy compadres. Gypsy and the Gentleman was directed by American expatriate Joseph Losey, whose British film career wouldn't truly get off the ground until his collaborations with Harold Pinter in the 1960s. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

1,00 € each



1h 43m
Joseph Losey
Janet Green, Nina Warner Hooks (novel)
Melina Mercouri: Belle
Keith Michell: Sir Paul Deverill
Flora Robson: Mrs. Haggard
Patrick McGoohan: Jess
June Laverick: Sarah Deverill
Lyndon Brook: John Patterson
Helen Haye: Lady Caroline Ayrton
Mervyn Johns: Brook
Laurence Naismith: Dr. Forrester
Clare Austin: Vanessa Ruddock
Catherine Feller: Hattie
Nigel Green: Game Pup
Newton Blick: Ruddock
David Hart: Will the Valet
John Salew: Duffin the Butler
Drama, History , Romance

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